home office desktop

How a WFH PC almost cost a client $25,000?

Recently we had a client who had staff at home using their personal systems for work usage. In this case the client had done the right thing. 

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Caucasian male blogger recording video review

The Best Business Technology of 2020

From widescreen monitors and laptops, to desktops and portable devices, Luke Smits gives us the P1 Technology round-up of the best business technology from 2020.

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Our computer hardware recommendations for 2019

The Best Laptop, PC and Tech Gadgets from 2019

The results are in. Find out what we rated the best of the best in laptops, PCs and other tech gadgets for business in 2019.

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Computer Hardware

Not all hardware is created equal.

Computers and electronic hardware has been a passion of mine for well over 20 years. I’ve always wanted to use the best, but knowing what is the best isn’t always easy. If you believe the marketing you can get a great laptop for $500 at your local retailer, why would you pay $1500 or more?

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