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Why Choose Us

We do things a little differently

Here’s how.

People before technology

We believe that people are the most important thing in your business and that technology should enhance what they do, not make it more stressful. We’re not saying I.T. isn’t business critical (it’s what we do after all!), just that it should exist to serve people. So we’re committed to taking a people-focused approach. This means no jargon (or bringing you up to speed on the need-to-know tech-talk if necessary). We want you to be empowered to get the best solution for your business.

Refreshingly trustworthy

Let’s get real. Trust isn’t something our industry is known for and there’s plenty of I.T. providers that claim to be your trusted adviser and we’re certain they try hard. But they never quite live up to the promise. Here at P1, we know that trust runs both ways and you have to give it to get it. Then you have to work hard every day to keep it. We offer a range of solutions and will always suggest the best solution for you. We consider ourselves to be part of your team. We believe in transparency and telling you how it is even when things don’t go according to plan. There won’t be any secrets so trust can grow, and so can our partnership.


The businesses that will succeed in the world of tomorrow are adaptable and flexible. They are scalable and diverse. They approach the world with a positive attitude and one eye on the horizon. This is what dynamic means to us and we always seek to be dynamic and offer dynamic solutions so your people and your business can be that too.

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