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Cloud Backup

Flexible, efficient data protection.

What it is

Just like a regular backup, a Cloud Backup makes a copy of all your data and stores it somewhere remotely so you can access it quickly if you need to recover it for any reason. In this case though, the remote location is the cloud.

Why it’s great

Backups are the cornerstone of data protection and backing up to the cloud is often the most effective solution. It will give you speed and flexibility to recover your data so you can get on with business.

What you need to know

Protecting client data is one of our top priorities at P1 Technology. We work with a range of products to backup files and folders, or even entire workstations and servers that hold terabytes worth of data. When it comes to a cloud backup, with a good internet connection and some good planning, almost anything is achievable.

Complete peace of mind is the goal, so we offer many options for where your data is backed up to. From AWS servers to privately owned infrastructure, you’ll always be able to choose where your data is stored and many of our recommended solutions include a copy kept on-site with an off-site copy replicated to the site of your choice. So should you have a disaster recovery situation (like fire, theft or natural disaster), a complete copy of all your business critical systems are stored off-site and available as needed.

We provide monitoring for all our backup solutions as well as scheduled disaster recovery testing and planning to minimise downtime and stress in a recovery situation.

P1 Technology will work with your to customise a cloud backup solution that’s best suited to your needs and budget.

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