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What it is

Load balancing, bonded and failover solutions all exist to make sure your business is connected to the internet.

Why it’s great

A reliable and fast internet connection is becoming even more important for businesses as cloud services become a core part of business functionality. These solutions help to improve your internet speed and decrease your downtime so your internet runs more smoothly.

What you need to know

Downtime and slow internet connections can be very costly problems for businesses to face. P1 Technology can improve your internet connection in several ways.

Load balancing is a solution where your connection to the internet is made over two or more independent connections. There are two main advantages – performance is increased because the load is spread across more than one connection and reliability is increased because if one connection drops out, your service will simply switch to the other connection.

Bonding is similar to load balancing, except in this solution, the connections are more closely shared. This results in a single IP address instead of two. What this means, is that in addition to an increase in performance and reliability, you’ll also get a more reliable connection to external services from your local network (like remote access) thanks to the single IP address.

Failover solutions provide improved reliability but not performance. A failover is a Plan B – a second internet connection that can be accessed if the first connection fails. Usually this second connection will be a mobile broadband connection because the setup and ongoing costs are negligible compared to the cost of an extended outage to your business. One disadvantage with a failover is that local services accessed remotely may be unavailable as the IP address must change in order to initiate the failover.

As always, choosing the right solution means careful consideration of the costs versus the needs of your business. We’re here to help you make the right choice and implement the solution that’s best for you.

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