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UTM & Firewall Monitoring

Enhanced protection for business technology

What it is

A firewall or unified threat management device (UTM) guards your local network from the internet. It puts up a wall against the nasties online that might try to compromise your business.

Why it’s important

A leading firewall or UTM solution offers significantly enhanced protection than your standard consumer level products. It can scan network traffic for viruses, filter inappropriate content and even block incoming emails from domains with a poor online reputation.

What you need to know

A properly configured firewall or UTM appliance is an essential piece of technology for protecting your business from malicious intent. The keywords here being properly configured – if your advanced firewall isn’t working how it’s supposed to, then you’ll be missing out on:

  • Advanced firewall capabilities including geo-blocking
  • Detection and prevention of network intrusion
  • Blocking of hosts based on suspicious behaviour or poor reputation
  • Scanning of network traffic for viruses
  • Filtering of inappropriate or dangerous content
  • Improving the security of your remote access using VPN technology
  • Linking with Security Information and Event Monitoring systems (SIEM) to allow deeper insights, continuous logging and identification of threats and appropriate controls.

P1 Technology can implement the right advanced firewall or UTM appliance for your network from a range of leading providers including Sophos, Watchguard, MicroTik and pfSense. In addition to getting everything setup correctly, we’ll ensure that the essential regular updates and maintenance happen so you’re always protected to the highest level.

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