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Cloud Spam Filtering Solutions

Reduce the clutter. Protect your systems.

What it is

All the emails to your domain are filtered for spam before they reach your mailbox reducing clutter, improving disk space and decreasing the load on your systems.

Why it’s great

With an increase in phishing attacks and ransomware, spam filtering has become a necessity for every business. Preventing a malicious email from getting to your users in the first place is truly the best defence, and a cloud-based spam filter is the best option for most businesses.

What you need to know

If you’re reading this and you don’t currently have spam filtering, you might be thinking “I’m very careful about what emails I open so I’ll just keep doing that, and I’ll be right…” And these are the words of every single person who comes to us for help after they’ve experienced a crypto locking attack. “I’m usually so careful!”

Spam filtering used to be almost more trouble than it was worth. The frustration it caused just so users didn’t have to deal with dating service ads and Viagra offers was often more trouble than it was worth. But now, without a proper spam solution in place, you open yourself up to serious vulnerabilities including being locked out of all your data.

At P1 Technology we work with a range of anti-spam solutions and the most common are cloud based. Because we’re stopping malicious emails before they get to Tony in HR’s inbox, you’ll greatly reduce the chance that he accidentally opens one that locks or wipes your business critical systems.

Cloud spam filtering is not very expensive, it’s more effective than built-in spam filtering and it’s compatible with a range of email solutions including Office 365 and Google. Speak to our experienced team today about implementing cloud spam filtering in your business.

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