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Virtual Desktop (VDI)

Access your desktop wherever you are

What it is

Imagine being able to access your desktop environment from any internet connected device. Well that’s exactly what a Virtual Desktop (VDI) allows you to do.

Why it’s great

If you want to take your business continuity and standardisation to the next level then a VDI will allow you to work from anywhere with an internet connection. The benefits are many including improved availability, reduced capital costs, reduced power and hardware costs, universal access across a broad range of devices and importantly, for many businesses, the reduced expense of costly desk and floor space.

What you need to know

Can you imagine a workplace without desktop computers under each desk? What about accessing the same desktop environment from any internet connected device like a laptop, tablet or even your mobile phone?

Enter the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure or VDI, which similar to a Virtual Private Server, puts your private desktop into the cloud, making it available from anywhere you can connect to the internet.

It might not suit all businesses, but as technology and the Australian internet infrastructure improves (which is happening – slowly but surely), VDI’s will enter the mix of technology accessed by the next generation of Australian workplaces. The benefits are far reaching and even go beyond improved availability, universal access and reduced office expenses. With some forward thinking, the potential cost savings could offset all your current IT costs and deliver huge benefits to mobility and workplace flexibility.

When you add that all this doesn’t have to come at the expense of your data security and compliance because all our VDI solutions are hosted with Australian providers in Australian data centres under Australian privacy laws. They also operate at more than one geographical location, which means your data will always be available and scalable as your business needs change.

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