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Business Continuity

Recover quickly from the unexpected

What it is

Planning for the unexpected so you can get your business back online quickly in the event of a major technology disruption. Think systems down, security breach, can’t run my business.

Why it’s important

How long would it take you to get back online if the worst happened? What might any delay cost your business? When you’ve got a business continuity plan in place, you can minimise the impact and know exactly what to do when something goes wrong.

The lowdown

Did you know that major banks and insurance companies setup offices in different locations that are complete replicas of their working premises? Should there be a catastrophe, such as a fire, earthquake or flooding, these replica offices can be occupied and work can continue as normal, even in the wake of disaster.

Most business won’t want or even need to go to that extreme for their business continuity planning. But if you’ve never thought about it before, the time is now.

How long can your staff afford to be without critical systems before it starts to severely impact your service delivery, clients and bottom line? Here’s some examples where business continuity might come into play in your business:

  1. The CEO’s laptop fails and while the data is backed up, is there a spare system that can be quickly made ready for them to be able to continue their work?
  2. Your database server won’t start one day. While the data is backed up, how long does the restore process take? How long before your staff can start to process quotes and orders for their clients?
  3. Your power or internet is cut during an electrical storm. Can you still work during the outage and what measures can be put in place to work around this?

With a simple consultation, P1 Technology can help your business manage it's IT needs plan and test business continuity measures to make sure you can get back to work as quickly as possible.

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