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Bandwidth and Network Monitoring

Always connected.

What it is

In a nutshell, it’s helping to make sure you’re always connected to your system network and the internet.

Why it’s important

In today’s business world, with an increasing reliance on internet access for core business applications and phone systems, you simply don’t want to find yourself disconnected. If you do, it has a massive impact on your productivity, customer service and bottom line.

The lowdown

We’ve all experienced it. A bad internet connection. There’s almost nothing more frustrating, especially when you’re trying to run a business. Poor network performance, phone calls dropping out and pages loading slowly are all indications of possible network issues.

At P1 Technology we use a variety of tools that allow us to troubleshoot, analyse performance, optimise your network and address bandwidth issues. Our managed IT support solutions make sure your network is designed in the right way and including managed switches and advanced firewalls, we can get network traffic flow running beautifully which reduces strain on your system and keeps things running smoothly.

If you’re having particular trouble with your WiFi, we can help with that too. The P1 team are experienced in site assessment for WiFi and can recommend the best WiFi access point solution for your business from leading vendors such as Cisco and Ubiquity.

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