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Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Perfect for a mobile workforce

What it is

A Virtual Private Server is a cloud-based server that only you have access to. It can be dedicated, so it’s not shared with anyone. Or you can have shared hardware where you and others each have their own private server hosted on the same server.

Why it’s great

If your internet in the office goes own or the power goes out, you can still access your VPS from a remote location. It’s also fantastic for reducing costs and improving accessibility for an increasingly mobile workforce.

What you need to know

Have you got a server in your business that’s only there because it needs to run a specific piece of software, but it doesn’t do much else? You can’t get rid of it though, because it’s integral to your business and needs to be properly maintained, monitored and periodically replaced?

If this sounds familiar, then you’ll also be familiar with the costs involved, especially if you’re considering replacing your hardware. So looking at a Virtual Private Server might be a perfect solution.

It’s a great way to improve accessibility because it can be accessed from a remote location. You’ll also achieve a reduction in both capital costs (buying the hardware) and hardware maintenance. But we think one of the best parts is that a VPS allows you to easily scale things up or down as your business does which will save you from paying for more hardware or software upgrades.

As with all our solutions, our Virtual Private Servers are located with Australian providers in Australian data centres and under Australian privacy laws. They also operate at more than one geographical location, which means your data will always be available and scalable as your business needs change.

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