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Hosting & Domain Services

All your hosting needs in the one place

What it is

Buying, setting up and hosting your domain name and a range of other technology services that support your business.

Why it’s important

Ever had a business critical service like your website go down and not been able to get a quick resolution so things are back up and running? That’s why hosting and domain services can be vital to business continuity.

What you need to know

If you struggle to understand how the various pieces of the hosting puzzle fit together, then you aren’t alone. And whether you’re simply setting up a new domain or your business has more complex hosting requirements, the P1 Technology team can make the process easy.

We understand how important it is to have your hosting services documented and able to be understood at a moments notice. Because of this, we offer hosting consolidation to bring all your services together in a simple and cost-effective solution so you can call one number and talk to people who know you and the ins-and-outs of the hosted services that help your business run.

Our Hosting services include:

  • New domains
  • Application Hosting
  • Web Developer Hosting
  • Linux and Windows hosting
  • Virtual servers
  • Email and domain hosting
  • Cloud file share
  • Cloud backup hosting

Not sure what you need?

No problem! We can help you design the best technology solution for your business with our complimentary P1 Discovery Audit.

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