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3rd Party Vendor Management

An holistic, stress free approach to technology

What it is

Managing the makers of your technology solutions.

Why it’s important

So everything you’ve implemented works together in an effective way. It’s about having someone who understands your business and can take an holistic view of how all the moving parts work together to create the IT solution that works for you. It also means a single point of contact when you need support.

What you need to know

Anything that integrates with your IT systems or network needs to be carefully managed so that you have a full understanding of how changes in one area might impact the other areas of your business technology infrastructure.

The P1 Technology team can take over complete management of your 3rd party vendors. From managed document solution providers to telecommunication providers, web or hosting providers and anyone else you license software or hardware from. While these providers are specialists in their area, they don’t generally have the intimate knowledge of your business and the other systems in play.  This means they usually only take into consideration their required outcome without thinking about how it might affect the rest of your business.

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