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Hosted Exchange

When you need high functionality and flexibility

What it is

While many businesses are switching their email and collaboration tools to purely cloud-based services, a Microsoft Hosted Exchange allows the best of both worlds.

Why it’s great

Some medium to large businesses still need the functionality, security, data retention or Active Directory integration that a hosted service provides. We can offer a range of Hosted Exchange solutions that combine these features with the flexibility and uptime benefits of cloud solutions.

What you need to know

Microsoft Exchange used to be a technology product that was only affordable for bigger business and for more than a decade, it was the preferred email and collaboration tool for many. With the emergence of cloud-based technology, many businesses have retired their legacy, on-premises Exchange servers in favour of tools such as Google Apps and Office 365.

But some businesses still need the type of functionality an Exchange server provides. At P1 Technology, we offer a range of Hosted Exchange email solutions that will give you the flexibility and uptime that a cloud solution offers, with the functionality, security and data retention that the traditional on-premises version provides.

And just like our Office 365 solutions, our Microsoft Exchange hosted solutions are all with Australian providers in Australian data centres that adhere to Australian privacy laws.

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