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Cloud Migration & Hybrid Solutions

What it is

Cloud migration is moving all your data onto the internet to make it available from anywhere. On the flip side hybrid solution combines the benefits of the cloud with traditional data storage and access (by that we mean locally from your own server).

Why it’s great

Moving your business to the cloud will increase the flexibility of your workplace. A hybrid solution gives you the flexibility of the cloud combined with the cost effectiveness and increased security of your already established traditional, on-site server.

What you need to know

We’ve been busy helping heaps of businesses assess whether a cloud-based solution is right for their business. 

There’s no doubt that the cloud is a fantastic way to give flexibility and efficiency to your people. But if you’ve already got legacy servers you’ve invested in, then implementing a hybrid solution will make the most of what you’ve already setup with the benefits of synchronisation to the cloud for various applications. These solutions are often more cost effective, secure and flexible than moving everything to the cloud and will increase the useful lifespan of existing equipment so you can make the most of your capital investment. Mixing cloud and more traditional technology can give your business peace of mind, paired with the uptime you need and the added benefit of offsite access to your data.

Whatever industry you’re in, be it medical, legal, accounting, manufacturing or civil or public infrastructure, we work closely with you to understand the needs of your business and industry so we can implement a cloud or hybrid solution that’s tailored specifically to your needs. We’ll then work with your team to support that solution with no lock in contracts or unnecessary overheads.