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Managed Backup Solutions

The best type of backup

What it means

Being proactive with the backup of your data so you know the backup process is efficient and the backup you’re creating actually works.

Why it’s important

When you have managed backup, you can rest assured that you’ll be “back up and running” quickly should data loss impact your business.

The lowdown

We all know we should backup our data. But do you know if your backup actually works? A managed backup should be a key priority for every business owner. It’s monitored, tested to make sure it works and has the right documentation in place so you and your people know exactly what to do should you ever need to get your business back to operational from your data backup.

At P1 Technology, our outsourced managed IT services can help you plan, implement, regularly test and document your managed backup – and it doesn’t have to cost you lots of money. It’s all about balancing recovery time, data security and offsite redundancy with the right solution for your business. Whether that’s a local backup, a cloud based solution, or even a mix of both we’ll help you implement a managed backup that meets both your needs and your bottom line.

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