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Hardware Repairs & Upgrades

Get the most out of your hardware

What it is

Taking care of your current hardware so you can extend its lifespan.

Why it’s important

Upgrading or repairing your existing hardware can save your business thousands of dollars (that you can spend on something else).

What you need to know

We often have clients come to us thinking they need to replace perfectly good hardware that’s only a few years old, simply because the warranty has expired or it looks a little dated. And lots of IT providers will recommend you do this because it’s in their best interests to turnover new equipment. But what’s in your best interests?

At P1 Technology our team love breathing new life into older technology. A new hard drive here, some extra RAM there, a reinstall and a little bit of tender loving care and that old computer you thought was destined for hardware heaven is suddenly good to go for at least another few years. Sometimes your older equipment can be repurposed or used as a backup plan in the event of your frontline equipment failing.

It’s not only better for the environment it’s better for your bottom line.

We have the in-house skills to fix what many other providers will turn away. Offering component level repair on some products, we’ve got experience in repairing all types of PCs, laptops and accessories and can even offer a fixed quote to repair a huge range of products.

So before you go out and buy new technology talk to us about whether we can save your hardware (and your cash).