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Cloud File Sharing

Share with everyone from anywhere

What it is

The ability to access shared files from anywhere a key requirement for many businesses and this is exactly what putting your files in the cloud allows.

Why it’s great

Because it allows you and your staff to work remotely, from anywhere, it will give your business an increase in productivity and effectiveness.

What you need to know

The range of Cloud File Sharing solutions is huge and the features of the different product offerings vary. At P1 we can help you get in the cloud with everything from Google Drive to One Drive for Business, Drop Box for Business, Box, Anchor/E Folder, Egnyte and Autotask Workplace.

Which one is best? We can help you work that out too. Our team will take a detailed look at how your business operates and the features that are important to you so we can run you through the pros and cons of each product to come up with the solution that will serve your business and its people the best.

The main things to think about are:

  • Uptime and data security
  • File backup and version history
  • Integration with your other business applications
  • Enterprise data security compliance requirements (do you need to comply with HIPAA or SOC2 for example?)
  • Will you need Active Directory Integration

The needs of each business are unique and we’ll help you find the best Cloud File Sharing application for yours.

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