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Cyber Security Services

Today’s Threat Landscape Has Evolved 

With the fast-paced advancements in technology, today’s threat landscape has exposed businesses to increased threats internally and externally. Cloud, mobile, social and big data have all brought significant benefits to business but it also requires superior monitoring and managed IT security services to protect your people, data & assets.  

At P1 Technology, our IT security monitoring and protection services enable businesses to leverage powerful technology while protecting themselves and meeting regulatory requirements. Our local IT team in Melbourne is here to provide 24/7 IT security management and support with a people first approach. 

Your Data Privacy Is At A Risk  

Accessing personal and private data has never been easier. With the advancement of cloud based IT systems, your data is available anywhere and at any time. It’s vital to have a proactive and well managed cyber security system to pre-emptively monitor and protect you against the threat of cyber attacks both internally and externally.  

At P1 technology, our cyber security services help strengthen your organisation using automation, analytics and real time monitoring to improve your IT security and defend against attacks to the network, endpoints, data and cloud systems.  

Agile, Flexible & Cost-Effective IT Security Solutions

Our cost-effective cyber security services are designed and customised to meet your organisational needs. We will assess your vulnerabilities and determine the most cost-effective IT security solution that offers superior protection while supporting your companies growth. Our team has the experience and flexibility to address threats in real-time with 24/7 monitoring designed to reduce threat risks and ensure data compliance. 

P1’s Cyber Security Services  

  • Penetration testing that covers your network, endpoints & vulnerabilities 
  • Cyber security threat detection & management 
  • Firewall monitoring 
  • 24x7 IT security monitoring  
  • Cyber Security Consulting 
  • Secure Network Monitoring 
  • Data Protection & Privacy 
  • Governance, Risk & Compliance 
  • Cloud security solutions 
  • Cost reductions to incident responses and regulatory compliance

Pre-Emptive Threat Detection & Prevention  

P1 technology takes a risk-driven approach to IT security. From anticipating, detecting and preventing threats with advanced intelligence (AI) and machine learning to analyse, correlate and interpret threat data in real time. Our approach strengthens your organisation to prevent cyber attacks, detect vulnerabilities and protect your people, data and assets. 

Why Choose P1 Technology? 

People first is what P1 stands for. We want our customers to feel supported and experience an exceptional IT service that carefully monitors your IT costs and provides exceptional advice and support by our expert engineers in Melbourne. 

Our IT security services provide: 

  • Advanced & pre-emptive threat detection & monitoring 
  • A holistic approach covering compliance, data, risk, management & mitigation 
  • Effective security strategies both internally and externally 
  • Cloud security, including data, cloud systems and applications 
  • Proactive end point monitoring and response 
  • Automated cyber analytics to assess and respond in real time 

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