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Managed Patching

For safe software.

What it is

Over time, problems are discovered with the software you run on the devices in your business. Patching is the process of fixing these problems, in particular problems that create a security risk. Managed patching is putting a system around the patching process so you aren’t creating extra work by repeating patches you’ve already applied. It's a cost-effective and automated managed IT service to keep your business running efficiently.

Why it’s important

From the outside, your software might appear to be working fine. But software vulnerabilities can be discovered at any time and if you have a piece of software that’s not being regularly patched, then you’re putting your systems and business at risk of security breaches which can impact your data, your client’s data and the reputation of your business.

The lowdown

We understand that it would seem ridiculous to make improvements to software that seems to be working perfectly well. But over time, the software programs you run on your computers and on other devices attached to your network, have vulnerabilities that are found. Whether they were there from the start or occurred because of a software update, when you don’t patch your software, any holes that exist can be used to gain access to your systems and wreak all sorts of havoc. And don’t forget that software doesn’t mean just Microsoft Word – your modem, printers, routers, CCTV systems and any other device connected to the internet all use software to run.

Enter managed patching

We’ll put a plan and system around the way you patch your software, which will streamline the task, making it less tedious and more reliable. Using a set of specialised tools, we approve then deploy patches on a non-critical system. Once any bugs are resolved, we’ll rollout the patch to the rest of your business, which means less system downtime for everyone. Then, we monitor your systems to make sure the patch has been successfully deployed and that future patches are installed as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

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