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Vulnerability Testing

Identify. Control. Protect.

What it is

Through the use of a range of specialist technologies and strategies, we seek to identify threats and vulnerabilities and implement controls that protect against them.

Why it’s important

It’s no exaggeration to say the internet is a dangerous place. Vulnerability testing is your best defence against data breaches, costly downtime and the loss of reputation that comes from technological threats.

What you need to know

The number and sophistication of malicious attacks on businesses of all sizes and industries is steadily increasing and small and medium businesses are no longer immune. On a daily basis there are news reports of companies that have experienced data breaches and downtime.

While it’s impossible to eliminate all risk, vulnerability testing helps us to identify potential threats and vulnerabilities and put in place protection against them in a way that’s both cost-effective and reduces your risk.

Our team use a combination of patch management and monitoring, spam filtering, user education and strong security practices combined with our experience and knowledge to provide your business with the necessary tools and skills to manage technology related risk.

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