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Endpoint Data Security

Keeping your business data secure

What it means

Endpoint security is made up of a combination of anti-virus products, patch management (making sure your software has no holes) and making sure that all your passwords and user permissions are setup correctly.

Why it’s important

Because you don’t want your computer to get a virus. And you don’t want to let the “bad guys” get your data. Data breaches and IT disasters can have a significant impact and potentially shut down your business operation so it's important to take a practice approach to manage your IT infrastructure and systems.

The lowdown

Protecting your business IT systems from viruses and other nasties who are up to no good is a business critical mission. The best protection comes from a multi-layered approach to security and “endpoint” is a critical part of that approach. And while we work to stop potential attacks before they get to your workstation endpoint, it’s not always possible.

Enter commercial grade anti-virus software, malware scanners, keeping your operating system and 3rd party applications up to date as well as making sure your endpoints don’t have access to sensitive information unless they need to are all part of our strategy. As is making sure your people are aware of potential security risks (and how to avoid them) and making sure our people monitor the status of your endpoints to ensure they’re well protected and patched.

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