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IT Backup & Disaster Recovery Services

How does your business get back up and running when IT disaster strikes?

An IT Recovery Plan & Process is Key

What happens if you wake up tomorrow and your company's entire inbox, subfolders, calendars and contacts have all disappeared?

Do you have a real, documented backup & disaster recovery plan for when IT systems crash?

Losing business critical data or having hardware breakdown often happens at the worst of times and you need to have a process in place to quickly recover & minimise disruption to your business operations.

Backing up IT systems

How much would it cost your business to be out of action for a day, week or month?

How would you handle losing your entire companies emails?

When you have a disaster recovery plan, you’ll know what to do and how long it will take for your business to recover.

At P1 Technology we provide both local and cloud based backup and disaster recovery services so you don't have to stress about IT systems failing when you need them most.

How do our backup and data recovery services work?

You get peace of mind knowing that your business critical data and IT infrastructure are in safe hands with our local team of Managed IT support specialists.

We work with you to develop a backup plan that takes into consideration all your specific circumstances, we provide on-going support, monitor, document and test your recovery plan to insure it's reliable and robust.

Using the very best technology, we provide a service that's reliable, trusted and flexible. You don't have to stress about losing important data with our local support team ready to guide you through any potential tech melt-downs. We speak your language and will advise on the best path forward to insure minimal impact to your core business operations.

Why partner with P1 Technology?

We have a real focus on getting to know our clients and their business by asking questions that go beyond your technology so we can understand how your business actually works. We then work with you to create a plan that’s suitable to your people and your business that incorporates the most appropriate technologies.

And an effective disaster recovery plan isn’t just about recovering files. It’s about knowing how long your systems will be down. It’s about making sure you can recover from an alternate location if there’s a problem with your primary backup. It’s about protecting all your data and not just parts of it.

This is what we do. Working with a range of technologies from simple USB hard-drives, all the way through to multisite, redundant, automated failover solutions, P1 will get to know you and your business so we can deliver a best practice solution for the best value for money.

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