IT Disaster Recovery & Planning Services

Get back up and running when things go wrong

What it is

Having a real, documented plan for what to do when the worst thing happens and you lose some or all of the data that makes your business run.

Why it’s important

How much would it cost your business to be out of action for a day? A week? When you have a disaster recovery plan, you’ll know what to do and how long it will take for your business to get back online.

The lowdown

With how far technology has come, you’d think that backing up would be a simple and reliable process by now. Well it is, and it isn’t!

When we work with you to develop a backup plan that takes into consideration all your specific circumstances, then we monitor, document and test that plan on a regular basis, then it’s definitely very simple and very reliable. But we know, first hand that there’s lots of moving pieces in your business (without even considering your technology). So if your plan hasn’t taken a look at the detail as well as the bigger picture, or if you don’t regularly revise it (because your business evolves and changes), then your plan is likely to be pretty useless when the time comes for you to put it into action. And more stress is the last thing you need when your business can’t function.

We have a real focus on getting to know our clients and their business by asking questions that go beyond your technology so we can understand how your business actually works. We then work with you to create a plan that’s suitable to your people and your business that incorporates the most appropriate technologies.

And an effective disaster recovery plan isn’t just about recovering files. It’s about knowing how long your systems will be down. It’s about making sure you can recover from an alternate location if there’s a problem with your primary backup. It’s about protecting all your data and not just parts of it.

This is what we do. Working with a range of technologies from simple USB hard-drives, all the way through to multisite, redundant, automated failover solutions, P1 will get to know you and your business so we can deliver a best practice solution for the best value for money.

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