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On-site and Hosted Servers

For when you still need a local server.

What it is

Your very own, dedicated piece of equipment used for storing business data and systems, whether it’s your own hardware on-site or a hosted solution located somewhere else.

Why it’s important

Even though the cloud is becoming more popular, some businesses and industries still need a locally hosted server. If you’re in a highly regulated industry, you may well fall into this category.

What you need to know

Traditional servers are becoming less common in the SME space as more services go into the cloud and more often than not, retiring your current in-house server in favour of a hosted solution is a better option both in terms of cost and risk.

But some businesses still need a server located on-premises. We can provide a full range of on-site and virtual servers housed on shared or dedicated infrastructure. We also work extensively with server virtualisation using Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware ESXI and Linux.

We’re experienced with cluster and redundant failover technologies and can install, configure and maintain your server infrastructure from start to finish. And if that sounds like gobble-di-gook then what we actually mean is that we’ll help you work out what’s best for your business based on your current and future requirements, we’ll set it all up and then we’ll manage it all for you. Simple as that.