Windows 10, can Microsoft redeem themselves from Windows 8?

Windows 10, can Microsoft redeem themselves from Windows 8?

Microsoft has released some basic information so far about the features to come in Windows 10 in the much anticipated new version of Windows. Why Windows 10? That is a question that so far we have no answer for, but it looks like the wait might be worth it. This author for one will certainly be looking to upgrade his unbreakable Windows 7 O/S. Microsoft will announce more detail in the New Year. 

So far we know the Start Button and a more traditional Start Menu is back, which in this office has been greeted with a roll of the eyes and a knowing look… What were they thinking? This will come as a massive relief to those that have been forced to endure the horror of Windows 8 and it’s redesigned Metro interface. Whilst this had merit for tablets and particularly the Microsoft Surface, it was a rude shock to the traditional mouse and keyboard oriented users that make up the bulk of Windows users.

So once again the cycle of one good version of Windows, one bad version Windows looks likely to continue. From what we have seen, Windows 10 looks like what Windows 8 should have been. Certainly Microsoft will have learned many lessons from Windows 8 and they will be keen to claw back disenfranchised users.

Windows 10 attempts to satisfy the needs of all users. From business’ with PCs and keyboards to the tablet fanatics. Claiming to be THE operating system for all users, across all platforms from Windows Phone and Xbox One as well as tablets, laptops and desktop PCs, giant wall screens and touch sensitive coffee tables for family oriented entertainment. Microsoft says it is the one stop operating system for all your devices, whether they be for work or play.

Microsoft aims to challenge MAC OS/X with the ability to beautifully arrange windows and swap between virtual desktops. Also allowing you to move around and resize live tiles, which was very limited in the earlier Windows 8.

See what Microsoft tech team have to say about windows 10 

Let’s see how Windows 9, oops I mean, Windows 10 performs in the real world when it’s realised sometime in late 2015. 

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