Save on your hosting costs, but at what expense?

Save on your hosting costs, but at what expense?

Did you know you can save potentially hundreds of dollars per year on your domain and web hosting fees? You may or may not be aware that not all hosting is equal. Sure most domain hosting will allow you to have a website and email, but the finer details are usually not apparent at the start.

To start with there are shared and dedicated hosting platforms available.

As the names would imply a shared platform is for your use as well as many other clients, and may reduce the amount of control you have over your domain services.
A dedicated platform is yours to control as you please, meaning the most amount of flexibility in the controls and hosting options available to you.

So in short, the cheapest hosting is probably not the best for your business and it's ability to grow with you as your needs change.

Talk to your hosting partners as to what options are available to ensure that the package you choose is the best for your needs now and in the future.

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