Logitech Slim Folio for iPad

By Dianne Bunney - Head of Client Services
Logitech Slim Folio for iPad

There are a number of choices out there if you’re looking for a versatile iPad case. I was looking for an all-in-one, lightweight and easily portable option that would allow me to take it into meetings and play games in my down time.

The Logitech Slim Folio for iPad doubles as a stand with the bonus of a keyboard and a holder for your Apple Pencil.

The Positives

  • Excellent, sturdy design and is clearly made of quality materials and construction.
  • Neat and compact making it highly portable
  • Sleek and professional graphite grey colour
  • Easy to setup with clear instructions
  • The Apple Pencil Holder is well placed at the top of the folio
  • Definitely easier to type an email than touch typing directly on the iPad

The Negatives

  • Only offers one angle which can be annoying for viewing and virtual meetings
  • While it’s easier to type on, the keyboard is fairly narrow and I wonder how those with larger hands would go
  • The Apple Pencil holder is great, but the sleeve for it is a little loose and I worry about it falling out
  • Because the Apple Pencil is exposed at the top, I’m left thinking I might need a case for the case. I mean, I’m not rough with technology, but I do push it a little and expect it to perform for me and my lifestyle. I don’t like anything too delicate.

The Verdict – 7/10

It’s a good quality case for your iPad.
But given some of the negatives, I’d go for a regular iPad cover paired with an Apple Magic Keyboard, especially if you’re going to be typing a lot.


RRP $159.95 and I think this is fair given the quality.

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