Garmin Vivo Active 3

By Dianne Bunney - Head of Client Services
Garmin Vivo Active 3

I was looking for a smart watch that looked like a watch, wasn’t going to cost an arm and a leg and was a good alternative to an Apple Watch (it seemed like everyone had one of those!)

I found the Garmin Vivo Active 3 to fit the bill on all fronts.

The Positives

The watch does a whole lot more than I need at the moment. But a few of the things I love are -

  • It tracks your steps, calories, heart rate and distance travelled
  • Up to 7-day battery life in smartwatch mode
  • Compatible with both iPhone and Android devices
  • It’s GarminPay compatible for wallet-free payments
  • Specialised running, swimming and cycling features for sport-specific tracking
  • Garmin Connect App offers activity history including menstrual cycle, hydration and stress tracking

The Negatives

  • It has its own power cord. This means I can’t use an existing Apple or USB-C cords I already own.

The Verdict – 6/10

Based on the power cord situation alone, I think it’s better to choose a watch that’s compatible with the devices you already have. It’s pretty annoying to have a device with a unique power cable.


RRP $499


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