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Data & Email Compliance

How you protect your sensitive data

What it is

Particularly relevant to the legal, medical and financial industries, data and email compliance helps you make sure that you’ve got an appropriate backup solution in place for your highly sensitive data.

Why it’s important

Complying with regulations and laws for the record keeping of sensitive data is critical in our increasingly paperless offices. If you’re in the legal, medical or financial industries, you need to make sure your email and other data storage solutions are compliant.

What you need to know

When it comes to security and compliance for highly sensitive data like patient records or client financial information, a reliable and monitored backup solution will ensure you’re ticking all the boxes.

At P1 Technology we have a range of backup solutions to suit your unique compliance needs. After we’ve helped you choose the right one for your business, we’ll monitor the success of backups on an ongoing basis and schedule regular disaster recovery tests to ensure the integrity of your backups and identify any problems early. We can also help you with email systems that will securely archive your email for extended periods so you can rest assured you’re completely compliant with the record holding requirements relevant to your industry.

Remember that just because data is stored in the cloud, doesn’t mean you’re compliant. The cloud is an excellent solution but it’s not invincible. Multiple copies of important data should be kept and maintaining local data backups is a worthwhile investment.

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