Arslan Demir

Arslan Demir

Senior Systems Engineer

Arslan is an incredibly experienced technician. In his more than 20 years in the industry, he’s earned a long list of accreditations in a wide variety of software technologies. So many in fact, that we can’t list them all here. But it definitely makes him an expert at anything you might throw at him. This means he’s an expert at anything you might throw at him including networks, security, Microsoft windows servers and database management.

It’s his job to help P1 Technology clients understand their IT system, advise them on latest technologies available to manage their business, identify potential risks and find solutions for making their business more effective, reliable and secure.

Arslan has a real talent for seeing the bigger picture and finding a solution to the toughest of problems. He gets a real buzz from helping businesses to grow and loves being part of their success. When he’s not doing that, he spends his time tango dancing, behind a camera taking photographs and playing soccer.

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M: 0437 947 228

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