Civil Engineering and Infrastructure I.T solutions

Civil Engineering and Infrastructure I.T solutions

Do you need your employees to be able to access files onsite and from multiple locations?

Owning your own construction or manufacturing company, we know how fast-paced the industry is. You need reliable I.T systems and support to keep your business operating efficiently and effectively.

Our team of experts can integrate a specifically designed I.T system to help you manage inventory, quality compliance, barcode and POS scanning plus create more efficient processes which will help to reduce manufacturing timeframes. 

We implement and manage the following software programs for your business:

  • Project management software including Microsoft Project
  • Tracking software
  • Design software including CAD
  • Office 365 ‘G’ Suite
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, for example, MYOB Exo, Attache´

We understand the needs of your business to run successfully without any issues. From being able to share and access data from varied project locations, allowing access for a varied and wide-ranging workforce. All of your projects, data and client information to be stored safely, backed up and with 24/7 Uptime.

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